Institusjon: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU)

Prosjekttype: Master

Prosjektperiode: January – June 2017

Prosjektleder/veileder navn: Harsha Ratnaweera, Olfa Khelifi (PostDoc);  Enrique Javier Asensi Dasi:

Master/PhD/PostDoc student navn: Carla Palop Donat , Sokcheng Un:;

Formål / Sammendrag:

The aim of this study is to investigate the performance of bioagmented MBR system for  the treatment  of  textile wastewater  under  laboratory conditions.  The  specific objectives of the study are (1) to initiate the MBR process, (2) to make UF modules in a laboratory  scale (3)  to  determine key  parameters  that influence  the  colour removal  for the application  of  MBR wastewater  systems  and its  operating  conditions; (4)  to investigate in microbial population structure, dynamics, and survival of both the control system and the bioaugmented system.

Exchange student in Erasmus+ program, writing the Master Thesis as an Special syllabus in NMBU.