Institusjon: UiA (Universitetet i Agder)

Prosjekt periode: 2017

Prosjektleder/veileder navn: Baltasar Beferull Lozano

Formål / Sammendrag:

Data-driven cyber-physical networked systems for autonomous cognitive control and adaptive learning in industrial & urban water environments (INDURB). Visions and objectives: The overall objective of INDURB is to develop a data-driven networked cognitive system with users in the loop, to perform efficient distributed monitoring, control and learning in both industrial and urban environments. In order to cover a coherent set of application use cases, we will consider those environments in the domain of complex water networks, through the following two specific scenarios: Aquaponics (combined production of fish and plants), for industry, and water distributed networks (WDN), as an urban infrastructure, for which the provision of dense spatial and temporal ubiquitous data will be secured in cooperation with the partners involved in this project.

Prosjektet har fått bevilgning for fase 1 fra IKTPLUS programmet i Norges forskningsråd.