Institusjon: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU)

Prosjekttype: phd

Prosjektperiode: August 2014 – August 2018

Prosjektleder/veileder navn: Harsha Ratnaweera:

Master/PhD/PostDoc student navn: Xiaodong Wang

Formål / Sammendrag:

The treatment requirements, efficiency and economics of the treatment as well as requirements for applicability of sludge as resources are increasing with the time. This work is to develop a concept for a process control module covering the both biological and chemical unit processes of a WWTP enabling full automation and increased process performance.

Delfinansiert av RECOVER prosjektet.


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Xiaodong Wang; Xunjun Bi; Changqing Liu; Harsha Ratnaweera, 2016. Systematical Study of Activated Sludge Settleability Seasonal Variation Based on Multivariate Statistical Analysis. European Water Association Conference:Water management in cold climate, Spitsbergen, Norway, June 2016

Xiaodong Wang; Knut Kvaal; Harsha Ratnaweera. Characterization of influent wastewater with periodic variation and snow melting effect in cold climate area. 2017, Under review.

Xiaodong Wang; Knut Kvaal; Harsha Ratnaweera, 2017. Soft sensor application for real-time monitoring of a Norwegian wastewater treatment plant. To be published in ICA2017 conference proceedings.

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