Institusjon: University of Stavanger (UiS)

Prosjekttype: PhD

Prosjektperiode: 05/2015-05/2018

Prosjekt webside:

Prosjektleder/veileder navn: Torleiv Bilstad, Skule Strand;

Master/PhD/PostDoc student navn: Remya Ravindran Nair:

Formål / Sammendrag:

The objective of the research is production of Smart Water for IOR by treating seawater and produced water by NF membranes.


Nair, Remya; Protasova, Evgenia; Bilstad, Torleiv (2016). Applicability and Costs of Nanofiltration for Produced Water Reinjection for EOR. Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management. ISSN 2241-3138. s. 265-266.

Nair, Remya; Protasova, Evgenia; Bilstad, Torleiv; Strand, Skule (2016). Reuse of Produced Water by Membranes for Enhanced Oil Recovery. I: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 26-28 September, Dubai, UAE. Society of Petroleum Engineers. ISBN 978-1-61399-463-4.

Nair, Remya; Protasova, Evgenia; Bilstad, Torleiv; Saltveit, Kjerstin J. (2015). Improved oil Production by membranes. AGH Drilling Oil Gas. ISSN 2299-4157. Volum 32. Hefte 1. s. 221-232. DOI: 10.7494/drill.2015.32.1.221.