Institusjon: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU)

Prosjekttype: PhD; FoU

Prosjektperiode: Pågår

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Prosjektleder/veileder navn: Arve Heistad:

Daniel Todt:

PhD student: Melesse Eshetu Moges,

Formål / Sammendrag:

The overall objective of the research project is to develop and combine processes for efficient treatment, recovery and reuse of resources from source-separated household wastewater and thereby assess the contribution to food security, green economy and ensure a safe living environment.

Delfinansiert av Ecomotive As og Norges forskningsråd.


Eshetu, M.,  D. Todt, F. Eregno and A. Heistad. 2017. Performance study of biofilter system for on-site greywater treatment at cottages and small households. (Revised version submitted to Journal of Ecological Engineering).

Eshetu, M., D. Todt, J. Eshetu, A. Heistad  and R. Bakke. A Hybrid Up-flow Sludge Blanket – ABR reactor for source-separated blackwater treatment. Abstract submitted to the International IWA conference on sustainable solutions for small water and wastewater treatment systems (S2small 2017) to be held October 22-26 in Nantes, France. Draft manuscript in preparation.

Eshetu, M., Eregno, F. and Heistad, A. 2015. Performance of Biochar and Filtralite as Polishing Step for On-site Greywater Treatment Plant.Management of Environmental Quality:An international Journal. Vol. 26(4), pp.607-625.

Todt, D., Heistad, A. and Jenssen, P. D. 2015. Load and distribution of organic matter and nutrients in a separated household wastewater stream. Environmental Technology, Vol. 36(12), pp.1584-1593